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FAQ Premier Health Insurance of Montana

General Questions
Absolutely nothing. We are 100% free to use no matter what type of coverage you are looking for. We do get a commission from the insurance company for helping you but it doesn't factor into your premium amount.
A subsidy is financial assistance that the government provides to you if you qualify to help lower the cost of your health insurance premium. Subsidies can either go directly towards your monthly premium or you can get them back on your taxes depending on your preference.
Yes and we would highly encourage it. We have been enrolling members in since it opened in 2013. It is important to have someone there to help you navigate the through it and choose a plan that is going to fit your needs the best.
No, not unless you have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) such as losing group coverage, getting married, moving, having a baby, etc.
In 2018 the penalty is 2.5% of your income OR $695 per adult, $347.50 per child under 18 with a maximum of $2,085 for a family. If the percentage is higher than the flat per person rate, you will be charged the percentage of your income instead.